Scent Notes

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A complex fragrance that is rich, musky, woodsy and warm.

top - sage, citrus
mid - lavender
bottom - amber, moss


One of our lighter scents, this calming fragrance blends grass and bamboo with subtle hints of cucumber, bergamot and lime. 

top - grass, lime
mid - green leaves, cucumber
bottom - moss, amber


An opulent base of amber and powdery musk combined with a melange of soft florals. 

top - powder
mid - ylang ylang, lavender
bottom - musk, amber


Gentle, botanical tea scent with hints of green and apple.  


Tart red currant blended with green and floral notes of jasmine, geranium and rose. Strong, aromatic and herbal. 

top - red currant, green leaves
mid - jasmine, geranium, rose
bottom - black currant

Earl Grey

Elegant and fresh. Notes of bergamot and jasmine give way to a light tea and sandalwood base. 

top - bergamot
mid - jasmine, ginger
bottom - green tea, sandalwood


This scent has as its top note the fresh and crisp scent of sweet figs. It has a heart of green and floral notes and wood and musk to balance out the base. 

top - fig
mid - green leaves, jasmine
bottom - wood


Unique and distinctive, this scent evokes the smokiness of a real wood fire. 

Forest Floor

A walk in the woods - moss, earth, cedar and pine.


A tantalizing mixed floral scent that smells like a lush garden. 

top - green leaves
mid - lily of the valley, rose, jasmine, lilac
bottom - vanilla


This strong, aromatic fragrance blends the spiciness of ginger, the freshness of orange and the depth and warmth of vetiver. 


Grapefruit, orange and lime with a whiff of ginger for spice.  

top - grapefruit, citrus, basil
mid - orange, ginger, mint
bottom - wood


A calming and rejuvenating blend of cypress, fir, patchouli and moss.

top - juniper
mid - red currant, smoke
bottom - cypress, balsam


The relaxing scent of lavender is combined with notes of bergamot and cedar. 

top - bergamot
mid - lavender
bottom - cedar, sage


A complex scent that mixes notes of leather, tobacco and spices. 

Lemon Verbena

Lemon and lemongrass lightly sweetened with verbena.

top - lemon peel
mid - verbena, lemongrass
bottom - benzoin

Lily of the Valley

Blended with invigorating lemon peel and ozone for a fresh floral scent.


Reminiscent of the scent of spices and incense wafting through a North African bazaar. A powdery blend of bergamot, cardamom, oud, frankincense and myrrh. 

top - bergamot
mid - powder, amber, spice
botttom - frankincense, myrrh, oud


An invigorating combination of peppermint, spearmint and rosemary. 

top - eucalyptus, peppermint
mid - cedar
bottom - patchouli


Fresh, floral and herbaceous, this scent blends essential oils from the leaves, twigs and blossoms of the bitter orange tree. 

top - bergamot, orange 
mid - orange blossom
bottom - light wood

Night Blooms

This exotic floral fragrance blends tuberose with night blooming jasmine to give you the scent of a night in a tropical paradise. 


A complex scent that blends salty, sweet and airy top notes with a base of amber and vanilla. 

top - ozone, sea salt
mid - plum, eucalyptus
bottom - amber, sandalwood


A sensual, musky, earthy, warmly sweet scent based on one of the most expensive woods in the world.

top - amaretto
mid - tonka
bottom - musk, oud

Palo Santo

An uplifting fragrance based on Palo Santo ("holy wood"). Indigenous to Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru, Palo Santo has traditionally been burned to cleanse a person's energy field and heal a variety of ailments.  This lightly woodsy, sweet, and citrusy scent is a blend of cedar, pine, mint, lemon and cardamom.


Intense, dark and earthy with a hint of sweetness, combined with cedar and vanilla.


Our boldest floral scent: peony with freesia, magnolia and a touch of cherry blossom 


A sophisticated and crisp pine scent with vigorous top notes of eucalyptus and herbs. 


The fresh and airy scent of ozone blended with cut grass, eucalyptus and moss.

top - sea salt, grass
mid - teakwood, eucalyptus
bottom - moss


An intricate blend of rose, cedar and vetiver brings out a warmer, spicier rendition of a classic.

top - green leaves
mid - rose
bottom - cedar, vetiver


A lingering and exotic woody scent with a touch of leather and green floral. 

top - amyris, cucumber
mid - leather
bottom - sandalwood

Sea Salt

A fresh and luminous beach scent that blends marine and floral notes. 

top - ozone, sea salt
mid - lily of the valley, jasmine
bottom - wood


Mysterious, layered, and complex. A rich, sultry scent that blends vanilla with notes of tobacco and amber. 


An opulent and seductive floral fragrance blended with notes of raspberry, leather and vetiver.
top - geranium
mid - rose, violet
bottom - leather, vetiver